What to Do After Being Fired

Know what to say and how to say it with confidence

Being fired or let go from a company hurts.

It shakes your confidence. It undermines your sense of security.  It leaves you stressed, frustrated, and filled with questions about how to get through it, all the while feeling isolated and alone.


If this is your situation, read on.


Lynn Dessert, MBA CPP

Lynn Dessert, MBA CPP

Executive Career Coach

Since 2009, I have written a blog, Elephants at Work, which helps employees figure out how to manage sticky situations. I have received countless calls and emails asking for advice about how to handle specific situations about being fired—either right after it has happened, while job hunting, or at the point where you don’t want to blow the final offer dance. In every situation, their confidence was shaken and we found a solution together.

For seventeen years, I was the person on the other side of the table—the one who made the decision on whether or not to hire or fire someone. I left the corporate world to work independently as an executive career and life coach so that I can help people every day solve their problems.

I have been there, I have done it, I get it. You are not alone.

 Is this You?


My number one article is: Interviewing or Job Applications: What Do I Say if I Was Fired? Recently, a reader contacted me after reading Elephants at Work because he was in the final stages of interviewing for a position. The company sent him an employment application and he wanted to know what to put down about the reason for leaving his last position. The company had fired him for cause.

He took advantage of my 90 Minute Power Coaching Session ($400) to figure out what to do. (It is important to be truthful in what you say, but that doesn’t mean you have to share all the gory details!) Within two weeks, he was working at his new job and was in the process of clearing up the termination status with his old company.

For some, the cost of a personal coaching session is not an issue. But for most newly unemployed people cost is an issue. So I have answered the most frequently asked questions and put them into an eBook that gives you the information you need quickly and cost effectively.


This is a necessary resource. Wished this was available when I was going through job termination. Termination is an unfortunate fact of life.

The stigma is gone from 10-25 years ago. Many do not have experienced friends who can offer helpful advice. People search the Internet and find many sources with conflicting info.

This guide would definitely be advantageous to ALL!! I would highly recommend this as an experienced terminated employee.

Debbie Sartain

Job Seeker

What to Do After Being FIred

An Added Benefit I Did Not Expect!

After I wrote What to Do after Being Fired, I asked people who had experienced termination and experts in the career field to review the manuscript.  One person’s husband shared how this eBook would have helped them as a couple.

As a spouse and caregiver this gave me a much needed insight and understanding into what my wife was facing on a day to day basis. I would recommend this to anyone who has a family member or friend dealing with job loss.

Dan Paul

Spouse of Job Seeker

Just imagine how much easier it would be to have a conversation instead of a fight about what you are doing to find a job.

Address the Challenges You Are Facing

In What To Do After Being Fired, I walk you through:

  • How to bypass the awkward discussion with recruiters or job interviewers
  • How to approach your friends and family
  • Who makes a good reference and who does not
  • How to ask someone to be a reference
  • How to find out what your employer will say about you
  • How to craft your unique story about being fired
  • Why you should always file for unemployment benefits
  • A list of things you can do to build your confidence and look great to an employee

This question (What to Do After Being Fired), more than any other, is one I see job seekers struggle with. After reading Lynn’s comprehensive eBook, I doubt there will be any confusion or apprehension left in the minds of job seekers! Lynn has done a thorough job addressing the legal aspects as well as the emotional aspects of how to answer questions around this subject. It is filled with smart, useful advice, recommendations and insights!

Hannah Morgan

Job Search Strategist, Career Sherpa

Money Back Guarantee

The questions in the book are ones I get asked over and over. So I am confident there will be at least one tip or piece of advice in What To Do After Being Fired (take a sneak preview of the table of contents) that will help in your job search or will help you reduce stress in your life. However, if for any reason What To Do After Being Fired fails to meet your expectations after two days of working through the exercises, simply send me an email letting me know and I will promptly refund you!

Are You Ready to Take Control of Your Job Hunting Process?

Know what to say and how to say it with confidence. What To Do After Being Fired retails for $27.

Today you can get it for $13.50. 

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