Elevate Your Leadership Impact

If you’re a leader who knows your soft skills make or break your career.
If you’re ready to develop or master your personal leadership style.
If you’re ready to reflect, explore and act on your personal development goals and outcomes.
If a safe place supports privately examining your roadblocks without fear of judgement.

You’re in the right place.

I coach leaders to define their voice, presence, influence and personal communication style.

Leadership can’t be taught solely in a classroom. Even born leaders learn from others.

Your leadership style sets you apart from anyone else. Your distinct style is developed from your education, experiences and personal skill toolkit. The difference between a so-so leader and a great leader is the ability to recognize and flex your personal capabilities in different situations.

Know your Strengths and Blind Spots

Every leader has blind spots. Learning how to leverage your strengths and blind spots is a sign of a great leader. Great leaders are self-aware; they are not afraid to work on their leadership style because it is critical to connecting with others authentically. When you connect, you get better results.

Are you ready to become the leader you aspire to be?

I worked with Lynn as my career coach at Leadership Breakthrough and can say undeniably that she made substantial contributions in helping me find my next opportunity and enhancing my awareness of my personal & professional make-up. Her insight and thoughtful analysis enabled me to make deliberate changes on how I present myself to others and more conscious of my natural tendencies. I highly recommend Lynn as coach/consultant that can serve as a sounding board, help in the analysis of complex business/personal dynamics and identify alternatives and possible solutions. Ross Terradas

Plant Manager, Rockwell International


Executive Coaching

Executive coaching for C-Suite and Vice President development in expanding roles. Leaders that integrate into their new roles faster create value, impact and results.

Leadership Coaching | Leadership Development

Leadership coaching or development prepares new managers to handle increasingly complex work. Our leadership coaching targets first time managers and seasoned managers who want to prepare for senior leadership roles.

Career Coaching

Career coaching lets you explore where you want to go – internally or externally. Create a roadmap that will guide your decisions. Prepare yourself and land your next big job!


Lynn is certified in the following assessments: Herrmann Brain Dominance (HBDI), Hogan Assessments, Benchmarks and the CPP Assessment Suite. Assessments used in career, leadership and executive development.

Lynn Dessert - Executive Coach | Leadership Coach | Career Coach
Looking to boost your career? Searching for a roadmap to reach your goals?
Doing the same things with the same results?
I am here to help and support you!

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Lynn coached me in my career development process couple years ago. She helped me assess my skills, interests, strengths and weaknesses, and coached me in my professional development. Her insights and advice have been very helpful to me in both professional and personal development areas. I continue to use the knowledge I gained during my interactions with her. I highly recommend Lynn’s services for your career and professional development irrespective of where you are in your career and/or what your career goals are.

Amit Trivedi, Engineering Manager, Xerox


Career Development Book Series

Career Breakthrough Book Series

Are you making a career shift to a new company? Discover how to get and keep your next job.

Elephants at Work

Get the most out of your career and tame the elephants that are blocking your advancement.

Think Like a Leader

Leaders are learners. Stretch your mind. Set high goals. Be an example.