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There are coaches who are experienced, coaches who are certified and coaches who deliver results – with Lynn you get all three.

With 2400+ hours of coaching time, Lynn has helped many executives and high achievers set goals, build self-confidence, develop breakthrough leadership skills, open doors to new thinking and make decisions to improve their lives – professionally and personally.

When you are ready to make an investment in your career development – make a decision that makes a difference.

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Increase Executive Impact and Results

C-Suite and Vice President development for executives in expanding roles.

Accelerate New Leader Development

Prepare your leaders to handle increasingly complex work.

Accelerate Your Career Trajectory

Explore where you want to go. Create a roadmap that will guide your decisions.

Focused Problem Solving

Dial into a solution or plan of action in 90 minutes.

Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI)

Discover your thinking style preference and how it influences your decision-making.

The Center for Creative Leadership Assessments

Measure and identify leadership and executive success factors for development and derailment.

CPP Assessments

Assessments used in career, leadership and executive development.

Hogan Instruments

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Breakthrough results are attainable.

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Career Development Book Series

Career Breakthrough Book Series

Are you making a career shift to a new company? Discover how to get and keep your next job.

Elephants at Work

Get the most out of your career and tame the elephants that are blocking your advancement.

Think Like a Leader

Leaders are learners. Stretch your mind. Set high goals. Be an example.


I worked with Lynn as my career coach at Leadership Breakthrough and can say undeniably that she made substantial contributions in helping me find my next opportunity and enhancing my awareness of my personal & professional make-up. Her insight and thoughtful analysis enabled me to make deliberate changes on how I present myself to others and more conscious of my natural tendencies. I highly recommend Lynn as coach/consultant that can serve as a sounding board, help in the analysis of complex business/personal dynamics and identify alternatives and possible solutions.

Ross Terradas

Plant Manager, Rockwell International

Lynn is a perfect coach for high level executives who want and need to see the big strategic picture. She is able to look at the overall organizational structure and personnel identifying specific change opportunities. She is extremely bright, has a stellar background in business and has advised and coached top level leaders across the US. I highly recommend Lynn to an executive seeking realistic, applicable advice.

Chris Leavitt

Principal, Career Directions

I absolutely love Lynn! Fantastic working with her! I would work with her again in a heartbeat! The skills I gained in working with her have been invaluable. Whether you are looking to change fields, fine-tune what you are doing in your career or looking to move up in your career Lynn’s tools and years of experience can help guide the way! I happily recommend and thank her for what she has done for me.

Erin VanDamme

Association Administrator , Cornell Cooperative Extension of Ontario County

Lynn coached me in my career development process couple years ago. She helped me assess my skills, interests, strengths and weaknesses, and coached me in my professional development. Her insights and advice have been very helpful to me in both professional and personal development areas. I continue to use the knowledge I gained during my interactions with her. I highly recommend Lynn’s services for your career and professional development irrespective of where you are in your career and/or what your career goals are.

Amit Trivedi

Engineering Manager, Xerox