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Leadership coaching and leadership development benefits the leader and their employees. When you invest in a leader, their development and actions create a ripple effect throughout the organization.

  • Are your high performers ready for the next step your organization?
  • Would they benefit from a leadership coach? Perhaps someone they can confide in who would help them see things from a fresh perspective?

The stakes are high and high performers can get stuck too when they step in as a new leader. When high performers or high potential employees work with a coach, their performance can improve dramatically.

Through leadership coaching, Lynn helps professionals and new leaders to:



Discover and refine their unique personal style in a safe environment.



Build relationships up, down and sideways.



Integrate into new roles and responsibilities more quickly.



Build a solid foundation for managing others.



Stay focused on what is important.



Develop personal influence skills.



Effectively develop extended relationships from a satellite office.



Become more self-confident.



Prepare for and attain that next promotion.



Read and navigate the political environment.



Manage fast paced change and ambiguity.



Achieve work and personal balance.


Lynn Dessert, MBA, PCC

Lynn Dessert, MBA, PCC

Executive Coach

Lynn Dessert, PCC uses her personal experience and time-tested best practices to coach individuals and organizations just like yours to establish and achieve personal, leadership and organizational goals. She works privately with employees who are in emerging or long-standing leadership positions to confidentially address sensitive issues.

Leadership Breakthrough offers comprehensive programs designed to meet the unique challenges of the individual. Leadership coaching builds your competitive advantage in people talent development. As the aging and seasoned workforce begins to leave the executive ranks, there is a noticeable gap in talent readiness. What is your plan to address it?

Newly minted leaders are promoted rapidly and face significant challenges in managing new relationships, broader scopes and rapidly changing business landscapes in a world-wide economy. It makes business sense to invest in leadership coaching for your talent because they are your future leaders. Most of all, your business will depend on them being successful.


Our company sponsored leadership coaching engagements are for one year. It has been our experience that programs less than one year do not yield sufficient ROI.

The Leadership Coaching program is designed for leaders in Manager and Director roles who are new leaders or have taken on significant responsibility. These new leaders are in the final testing ground before entering the executive ranks. Seasoned leaders who are refining their skills will benefit from our Executive Coaching Programs.

If you are looking to combine leadership development (skills training) with leadership coaching, contact Lynn to learn more about our Leadership webinar series.

Looking for a customized program?

Find out more information about our intensive executive coaching engagements.

If your needs are unique and require additional services, talk to us about customizing a coaching experience that delivers the outcomes critical to your success!

Finally, if you have a cohort of new leaders ready for development, Lynn can help you design a program that is cost-effective too!

Lynn has provided our company with excellent training and development expertise. I have utilized Lynn’s expertise in several group training sessions as well as for individual leadership training. She has always delivered excellent results. I highly recommend her!

Gary Raley

ex President & COO, Johnson Polymer


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